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Step 1: Create a Free CivicLift Account

Begin by signing up for a CivicLift account. This gives you the ability to submit places and manage them through your personal dashboard, along with access to our wide range of community engagement tools. It's easy and free to start. Click here to sign up, or log in if you're already a member of our vibrant community.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Place Details

Here's what you'll need to provide to make your place stand out:

  • Place Name: The name of your location as you want it to appear.
  • Category: Select the category that best fits your place to help users find you.
  • Short Description: A brief overview to catch interest.
  • Keywords: Include relevant keywords to improve searchability.
  • Description: A more detailed explanation of what your place offers.
  • Website: If applicable, your place's online home.
  • Contact Info: Share how people can reach you, including phone, email, and address.
  • Pinpoint Your Location: Use our map feature to drop a pin exactly where your place is located, making it easy for visitors to find.
  • Images: Upload one main image and up to six secondary images to visually represent your place.
  • Social Media Links: Connect visitors to your social platforms.
  • Hours of Operation: Let everyone know when you're open for business.

Step 3: Review & Submit

Once you've completed the form, take a moment to review your information. Ensure everything is accurate and reflects your place in the best light. Happy with what you see? Click "Submit" to send your place for approval. Upon approval, your place will be visible across the CivicLift network, inviting the community to explore what you offer.

Managing & Editing Your Place Submissions

To adjust any details of your submission post-approval, visit the Your Places page accessible from your dashboard. This page lists all the places you've submitted, each equipped with options to edit or remove:

  • Editing a Place: Select "Edit" to update any aspect of your place's listing. After making changes, resubmit for the updates to be reviewed and applied.
  • Removing a Place: If you need to remove a listing, clicking "Remove" will initiate a prompt for confirmation, ensuring that deletions are intentional.

With CivicLift, not only can you introduce your place to a broader audience, but you also maintain full control over how it's presented and updated over time. Our platform makes it simple to contribute to the richness of your community's landscape, ensuring your place gets the recognition it deserves.

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